Khambi, or Khambi and Kaleechpur to be exact, is a large village of Sarai Alamgir Tehsil, Gujrat district, Pakistan. It is known as well as either Kambhi Kaleechpur of Kambhi Khanpur. In the olden days, the whole area was called Khanpur Khamb, which tribe Khambi was named after.

The current village has four settlements: Tawila (meaning horse stable as that's where the horses were kept) near the river Jhelum, Kaleechpur (from "kaleech" or sword in Moghul/Turkish, given as honorary title to warriors back then) that is near the canal, Thathal from the tribes of the same name, and Khamb.

Nowadays, it is mainly made up of the Thathal and Chib families with the other families-Khaira, Ratial, Marrar, Kak/Kakke, Chaurra-making up the minority number. This diversity resulted from a history of war and migrations. The migrations have in fact resulted to people of Kaleechpur looking foreign with their light skin, blonde hair and blue eyes.

Khambi consists of cultivating landlords with records of military service. Many have migrated to places like Europe, Dubai and the US.